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 [Original Character] Nexus

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Vongola BOSS! {Guardian of Sky}
Vongola BOSS! {Guardian of Sky}

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Reborn OC's and other characters
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PostSubject: [Original Character] Nexus   Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:47 pm

Name: Nexus (birth name is a secret)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Nexus looks very young for her already young age; she has shoulder-length buttery blond hair that she usually wears in a wraparound braid style with her bangs hanging just over her eyelids. Her eyes are as blue as the seas, and she has a nice light-olive skin tone. Her unusual combination of looks comes from the fact that she is both German (her father's side) and Italian (her mother's side).

She is usually seen wearing the outfit shown in the picture below.
Personality: At first glance, Nexus seems stern, no-nonsense, and a bit on the distant side. This is how she behaves for the most part around people she has just met, as well as enemies. She is always cool and level-headed to the point where she seems almost passive, but that is most certainly not the case. Nexus is almost never seen smiling, but this also does not mean she lacks a sense of humour.

When she is with her Family, however, Nexus is like a whole different person. She is open and confident, always laughing and smiling as she watches over her comrades and, above all, friends, though sometimes from the sidelines. She is very kind, and exudes the aura of a mother-figure, someone anyone can talk to about their problems. All in all, Nexus is a likeable person... unless something (or someone) upsets her.

Race: Human (German/Italian descent)
Everyday Items You Carry: a small silver shotgun and two silver daggers for self-defence.
Affiliation: Vongola Famiglia
Skills: Fencing, painting, ballet dancing
Dying Will Flame: Sky, Mist
Dying Will Mode: Mastered.
Hyper Dying Will Mode: Mastered.
Alias (Nickname): None. She is only known as Nexus.
10 Years Later Form Appearance: Same, except she wears a regular ponytail hairstyle now.
10 Years Later Form Personality: Same as present-day.
10 Years Later Form Skills: Same, no new skills acquired.


Nexus was born in Venice, Italy to two adoring parents. Her father was a wealthy German mobster who had settled in the area, having joined the Mafia at a young age. As he was working his way up to a relatively high rank in his Family, he met Nexus' mother, a low-class Italian servant with a sharp tongue. The two hit it off (eventually) and so, Nexus was born.

Despite pleas from Nexus' mother, her father refused to abandon his life of organised crime, so the new family spent a lot of their time running from scary hitmen. One particularly nasty group of them targeted Nexus and her mother, holding them hostage in an attempt to lure in her father. He didn't show up in time, however, so the men ended up setting the warehouse that the two young women were being held in on fire and abandoning it, leaving the two of them to burn to death. Nexus was a small child, though, so she managed to slip out of the ropes that bonded them to a post, but she was unable to save her mother in time; they had tied her up a bit tighter. The last words she heard from her mother, who surely died that day, were, "Salva te stesso! Corri!" ("Save yourself! Hurry!") When Nexus was only ten years old, she decided to join the Mafia as well, in order to help her father avenge her mother's death.

By the age of 15, Nexus had become a seasoned mafiosa. She had killed many men ruthlessly in search of her mother's killers, men she knew were still alive somewhere. Soon, her father fell ill and died of a mysterious illness, an illness that Nexus herself has her suspicions about. A few years later, at the age of 18, Nexus was in Japan when she stumbled upon a group of men in suits who were mourning the loss of their beloved comrade. Out of curiosity, she struck up a conversation with them and found out that these men were in the Mafia as well, from a family called Vongola. She found it odd that these men even cared about that person, let alone held a funeral for him. In all her years of being in the Mafia, she had never heard of the fellow mobsters caring about one another. It was always about blood and money with the occasional revenge; nothing else mattered. But these guys were different; she could tell just looking at them that each member of their Family was important, each one was a dear friend.

Within moments, Nexus found herself on her knees, bowing, begging these men to allow her to join them in their Family... a true family. The Boss personally accepted her, a short, older fellow with messy hair and the biggest, kindest-looking golden eyes she had ever seen. She was so honoured to be a member of the Vongola Famiglia that she worked hard and trained every day, finally feeling like one of the good guys, and not just another soul consumed by hatred. She worked her way up and was trusted by the boss as well as his right-hand man. Nexus was well-liked by almost everyone, and they all agreed with the idea that "family ties" were not always the best way to go when it came to choosing a Boss. And so the role of Vongola Undecimo was passed onto Nexus when the time came, an honour that she swore to uphold until the day she dies.

Box Weapons:

Sogna Effimera (Ephemeral Dream)
[Offensive Box]

Long and sharp silver claws appear on all of the user's fingers. Although these weapons draw a nice amount of blood, that is the least of the victim's worries, as there is a special poison inside the claws that cause the afflicted enemy to hallucinate, as their worst fears incarnate themselves around the user. Meanwhile, the poison is slowly rendering the affected area useless.
(Ex: Nexus slashes at Mobster #1's left arm, Mobster #1 can't use his left arm for the rest of the battle.)

Speranza (Hope)
[Defensive Box]

Just your average, every day spherical force field that protects the user from weak- to medium-strength attacks. No further explanation needed. Oh, and it's a cool-looking blue. Everyone loves a coloured force field.

Character's Skills in Combat: Advanced

Roleplay Sample:

A feminine frame jolted upright suddenly. It was sometime around midnight, give or take an hour. She would’ve been able to tell that fact even if her window was closed and she wasn’t able to take a peek at the cloudy night sky, shining bright by the light of the full, round moon. Her body was just wired that way; she was like a human sundial. She breathed in, aware of her surroundings even though she had just been napping. She was on an airplane, first-class, headed for Japan. One of her men had tipped her off to the location of a certain Ciacci di Luca, a possible suspect in the murder of her mother.

And oddly, she couldn't think of that right now. So many other thoughts swirled around inside her head; most of them were memories of her mother. Her mother cooking dinner (Nexus' favourite, an Italian dish called Tagliatelle), her mother waving to her as she went off to primary school, her mother giving a disrespectful guy what for. And also, there was that horrible other memory, the memory that haunted her every waking hour, her every dream. Actually, it was more of a nightmare. She saw her mother, surrounded by flames, wanting nothing more than to save her precious only child. Then there was the image that she never saw, yet it tacked itself onto her mind, stuck there so she could never be rid of it. Nexus cringed as she saw the terrible image of her dear, beloved mother screaming in agony as she burned to death in the warehouse… the warehouse that those men thought it would be nice to set on fire and then abandon with a young woman and child inside.

The girl tipped her head back, trying to push the images away, trying to bury them. However, she knew they would come back. They always did. The young mafiosa was running a hand through her sweaty blond hair when she felt a tap on her other hand. She looked out into the aisle to her left where the tap had come from, and into the brightest, greenest eyes she had ever seen.

"You okay, woman?" the middle-aged man asked in Italian. He had a raspy voice, and it made Nexus wonder how many years exactly the man had been putting tobacco into his lungs. She smirked, holding back a sarcastic lecture about the dangers of chain smoking, and answered the man through the darkness, speaking in her native tongue as well. "Yes, I'm okay. Of course I'm okay. Why would you even ask a complete stranger that type of question?" The man snorted and rolled his eyes. "Then how come you're tossin' your head around and sweatin' like you just saw a ghost? I'm a guy, but I ain't stupid. You women're all the same, I swear to God. Never honest."

Nexus' cheeks flushed with annoyance then, but didn’t allow this man's bad attitude to get the better of her. She straightened her back, like all twelve years of ballet training had taught her to do, and then turned away, focusing on that blindingly bright moon once again. She waited a moment before replying to the man. "You know, generalizing women won't get you anywhere in life. Unless you’re gay." Now it was this man's turn to blush, but he shook it off quickly. "Whatever. Say what you want; you're nothing more than a stupid woman." A long pause. "Where are you headed, anyway?"

Nexus focused her sky-blue eyes back on the man and crossed her legs, noting that he had interesting hair. She hadn’t seen many middle-aged men with a complete head of white before; it reminded her of the soft winter snow. "I'm headed for Japan. Business." The man snorted again. "Business? You don't look like a businesswoman, more like a prostitute. Booty shorts and a black cape? Looks kinda kinky actually." Nexus suppressed a grin. It had been a long time since she had met a person as mouthy and blunt as this one. On one hand, she liked it. But on the other, it pissed her off. She snapped back quickly. "Well, at least I'm not dressed like some hood skater-wannabe. How old are you, thirty-two? Aren't you a little old for those Converse high-tops, sir?"

The man with white hair made an annoyed growling sound, but didn't make a move. Even so, Nexus could tell this guy had temper issues, your typical hothead. But at least he was in control of it, for the most part. When he didn’t say anything for several seconds, though, Nexus was suddenly overcome with boredom and decided to keep their little conversation going. "So where are you headed?" she asked curiously. He answered without looking at her. "I'm going to Japan too. Business as well." The way this man said the word "business" was the same way that Nexus said the word "business", and her natural intuition told her that this man was in the Mafia too. Her eyes widened. What if he was from a rival family? She decided to keep herself on guard from that moment on.

"That’s cool," she smiled stiffly. "Maybe we’ll see each other again." The man laughed hoarsely. "Somethin' tells me we'll be seein' a lot of each other… Did you forget? There's still a few more flights till we get to Japan." Nexus slumped in her seat. Something told her that this was going to be a long few flights… And what was this? The man was smirking at her misery! Ah, hell.
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Reborn OC's and other characters
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PostSubject: Re: [Original Character] Nexus   Sat Jul 02, 2011 12:13 am

You may move this to Profiles now.



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[Original Character] Nexus
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