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 STORYLINE: The past!

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PostSubject: STORYLINE: The past!   Sat Jul 02, 2011 4:05 pm

I have decided to make a storyline for this website, to make things more interesting. Sort of like a Turn back the Pendulum for Bleach. We may all Post here, in whatever order. This will highlight our lives in detail our past, before the present day. And after all this, I may even expand this, to increasing it past present day. Let's begin!


It all began with a letter.

It was cold.....that was all Knell knew as he stared at the stars, laying on his roof. He was only 10, and he didn't know many things about life. His family in Italy had always kept a close eye on him, never allowing him to escape. He wanted to see what it was like out there in the world, what adventures awaited him? He fell asleep, not knowing that tomorrow would be his last day in Italy..

There was a loud rapping on the door, as Knell groggily opened it to find a man garbed in red towering over him. He gave Knell a letter and marched off all noble like. The red haired boy scratched his head and yawned, he wondered what it could be. He noticed it was addressed to his foster father...but he was so curious to see what was in it.

Running up to his room, he tore it open and read the letter quietly to himself.

We'd like you to move to Japan, we need some assistance here
What we need help with, we cannot say
It is a secret
That you must find out yourself
Good Day.
Knell Garnett..

Knell couldn't believe his eyes, his name was at the bottom of the letter, he quickly stuffed it away in his clothes, grabbed his jacket and ran out the door, his heart was racing, adrenaline coursing through his every vein. When he got to the docks, he realized the letter had a ticket already paid for inside, he gave it to the captain of the ship and leaped on board, his adventure was about to begin. He felt sweat pour down his face as he stared out at the vast blue of the ocean. This was going to be one hell of a ride.

~To be continued~

I reserve the right to fuck with you on a mere whim....cause I can.

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STORYLINE: The past!
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