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 [Crossover!] The One-winged Angel versus the Dragon Slayers!

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Hizuki Haruka
The Feared one
The Feared one

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Reborn OC's and other characters
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PostSubject: [Crossover!] The One-winged Angel versus the Dragon Slayers!   Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:38 am

"Shall I give you despair?"


The darkness was arising, the flames burning. Fairy tail had fallen. No one was home when it was destroyed, but Sephiroth didn't care...even the slightest bit of destruction amused him. His Masamune in his right hand, he looked around, looking for any sign of people. There he spotted some people gasping in horror at the destruction. "Shall I give you despair?" Sephiroth said as he held out his right hand, an orb of magical darkness appearing within it, and no sooner that it did, the people were consumed by the darkness and were no more. He threw back his hand and laughed as darkness consumed the entire town of Magnolia, leaving nothing but a crater. He flew out of the crater and landed on the rim, looking for anyone....anybody to challenge him. as he looked around, he spotted someone marching towards him, she had scarlet hair and an angry look on her face.

She yelled a word called "Ex-quip" And charged at him with a spear, which Sephiroth deflected with his fist. "Shall I end you?" The white haired man said before slashing his Masamune right through her armor and sending her reeling back, laying in a pool of her own blood. She gasped for breath and Sephiroth was about to land the final blow before he was stopped by a guy who used ice and some short old man.

They were both looking angry, and both unleashed magic upon Sephiroth, who teleported behind them, they attempted to hit him, but couldn't. For he was intangible for the second, and blasted them both back with Black magic, causing them to lose consciousness. Was it over? Was this all the resistance he was going to beat with? Then he spotted a blonde girl, who hiding behind a rock. Without even looking who it was, he stabbed through the rock with his Masamune and impaled the girl in the heart, causing instant death. He was about to leave when all of a sudden he was attacked from behind, sending him flying through the rock.

"Oi....what the hell do you think you're doing to my bastard....I'll rip you to shreads!" The black haired man roared as a whirlwind of debris flew toward Sephiroth.

Knowing it was going to be hard to dodge, he blocked it with his hand and cringed at the force of it. "You're better then you look."

"The Name's Gajeel Redfox, and I'm going to fucking kill you." said the man.

I reserve the right to fuck with you on a mere whim....cause I can.

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Reborn OC's and other characters
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PostSubject: Re: [Crossover!] The One-winged Angel versus the Dragon Slayers!   Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:14 am

Natsu Dragneel

"The true sin is averting one's eyes... And no longer being able to believe in anyone!"

Flames. Flames rising from the city of Magnolia. Across the land you could see the smoke covering the dark sky. This was the worst mistake someone could have made, especially against the Fairy Tail guild. Coming back from a assignment, Natsu was walking along; hands placed behind his head while holding a grin on his face, Happy walking beside him. As they walked closer and closer, he saw the smoke rising, he had smelt the smoke from miles away but he thought it may have just been farmers burning off their crops... he was wrong. Fear and anger had managed to slam their way into Natsu, the smoke that rose high into the sky... was the destruction of his home town, Magnolia and his guild Fairy Tail. Before they saw the sight of the burning buildings and tree's scattered through the town, Natsu and happy stopped talking and all sense of communication. Without hesitation, Natsu dropped the jewels he was carrying in his hand and used Happies abilities to get him to the top of the large hill. Once the reached the hill, both mages stood in awe their mouth opened as much as their eyes.

"M..Magnol... Fairy ta...."

The air around Natsu and happy grew to blistering temperatures, the air would be enough to suffocate a normal human. Suddenly, Natsu burst into flames, all around his body flames raging everywhere. The fire dragon slayer was angry, the source of his power was anger... he was going to go ballistic. Within the blink of an eye, the fire dimmed so that it wasn't seen anymore. Tears welled up in his eyes, however anger was still controlling him.

"Whoever did this... they have no idea how much pain they will be in... I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL SOMEONE!"

His voice echoed throughout the burning town, probably reaching the culprits ears as well. Quickly, he turned his attention to Happy and nodded his head. Almost instantly, Happy flew up into the air, grasping Natsu by the coat on his back and took off at maximum speed towards their guild. The speed was blinding, even Happy was building with rage and all he was, was an Exceed. Continuing to fly, Happy had dropped Natsu above the man who had silver long hair. As he landed, he was 15 meters away from the man, standing next to Gajeel. Fire exploded around the fire dragon slayer, a angry look controlling his entire face. Bits of cement and debris slung up everywhere, smashing into other buildings that were on fire.

A fiery glint could be seen in the pupils of Natsu's eyes, like a little flame was burning away in there. Slowly he raised his body, his eyes looking deeply at the man. They were squinted, but still being able to see perfectly. His eyes quickly shot over to Erza and the other who had been defeated. This made his anger even worse. Openeing his mouth, he began to suck in. All the fire in the surrounding territory came flying into his mouth.

"I"M ALL FIRED UP! I'm Natsu of Fairy Tail, and you're about to get your ass kicked!"

Just after he finished his sentence, the fire user leaps forwards flipping in mid air, fire trailing behind his foot. Words flying from his mouth at the same time. As he did so, his eyes were glowing a crimson red, a demonic dragon look on his face.


During the flip, he brought the foot that was on fire down attempting to slam it directly onto the head of the white haired man. If the kick connected, the area would explode in flames and cover a radius of 50 meters all around. When Natsu was angry, there was barely any stopping him. He didn't hold back. It would be hard for the mad to block the kick because the force and weight behind it was incredible it would easily bruise or break someones arm if they were to raise it.


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[Crossover!] The One-winged Angel versus the Dragon Slayers!
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