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 [Vocaloid OC] Natsume

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PostSubject: [Vocaloid OC] Natsume   Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:32 pm

Epic Self Invented CHaracter

Name: Natsume
Modeled after which Vocaloid(Optional): none ;D
Personality: calm, thoughtful, serious, rather humourless
Voice Pitch: high pitched singing voice
Favorite song to sing: Leaves Eyes - My Destiny

Natsume is a rather small and cute girl who had an obsession for gothic
and dark music. Born into a rather noble house, her parents were very
strict with her being raised well. She had to keep quiet, say nothing, and
listen to her father when he plays at the piano. With the age of four, her
aunt bought her a small Xylophone. From this moment on, the small
girl with the reddish-brown eyes was totally amazed by the art of music.

Natsume then came into a private school. She was one of the best
students, and her parents were stricty keeping an eye on her when she
was at home. They wanted her to study at least two hours a day - at
the age of 7. They put a lot of pressure on her, and Natsume silently
beared it for years.

Natsume turned into a shy young woman. With her age, came responsibility. Her parents expected more and more from her, they expected elite grades,
perfect behavior from her, perfect look. Therefore, she got more and more
surpressed by her own parents. Whenever she had the time, she went to
her Xylophone to make a little music. She began to write songs, dark songs about her feelings, emotions and her surroundings. The more pressure the
parents added on her, the more and more she pulled herself away from them and fled into the world of music. She became more and more depressed about her loneliness. Due to her strict parents, all her friends she had were scared away or they forbid her to be with them due to their social standards.

With the age of 16, Natsumes grades got worse, and her whole being changed. Natsume had beared her parents pressure way too long, and she neglected everything which her parents want to be perfect. She dyed her hair black, began to dress differently in a very goth style, wrote a lot of
songs and began to play the guitar. In this time, she began to speakl up against her parents, and the pride inside her chest was rising and rising everytime she interrupted her mother yelling at her for walking around "like a satanist" in her opinion, as well as everytime her father complained about her grades at school and her destiny - to take over the company of him, be successful. But Natsume didnt listen. She became more and more rebellious
and made music to be her destiny.

Though, her rude behavior had consequences. Her parents got stricter than ever, and one day, her father forbid her the music. He took the guitar away,
destroyed it and locked Natsume in her room because her grades got so bad that she almost had to repeat the year. Natsume tried to fight against them, but there was no way to win the war against the might of her parents.

Her parents kept adding pressure on her. One day, late at night, she laid
in her bed. She missed her guitar, and then turned around. She then grabbed under her bed and pulled a box out. Natsume pulled her small
xylophone out and began slowly to let the small instrument make happy
sounds. Happy sounds in her cruel dark world which was surrounding her
daily. Suddenly, she stood up, opened the window. Fresh night air, and
the sound of freedom in her ears. The wind was slowly brushing her hair,
the scent of the lovely night was filling her nose. Suddenly, she heard herself singing.

"I am so lost, I am damned
in this gray lonely valley
Starless nights so vast and so black
my prayers slowly sink into a whisper
I see your smile but then I see your eyes
through a mist of tears.

I'm falling into the deep,
I'm falling, drowning in memories,
I made a promise, a promise....
I'm drowning in destiny
My Destiny, my Destiny."

With that, she grabbed her Xylophone and climbed out of the
window, running into the night. In this moment, she was free.
Only a few days later, she joined the Vocaloids.


Natsume has deep raven hair, red-brownish eyes, light skin and prefers
to be called "Natsu" or "Tsume". Due to her small size (1,51 m) she has huge problems to find clothes which fit her. She wears a skirt, black tights, military boots, a black shirt and a necklace with three silver crosses. She
doesnt apply makeup,

Hair Color: black
Eye Color: red-brownish
Skin Tone: white
Body Build:short and slender
Hair Length: long
Accessories: necklace, earrings
Things on skin:none


Favorite Sport: Tennis
Active?: no
Martial art?: Kung-Fu
Swordsmanship?: no


"Those who fear the dark do not know what the light can do to you."
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[Vocaloid OC] Natsume
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