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 Horror Movies - The Scary Stuff!

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Mothy Mod of Doom
Mothy Mod of Doom

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PostSubject: Horror Movies - The Scary Stuff!   Mon Jul 04, 2011 7:13 pm

Welcome... stranger.... to the realm of....


Here, we discuss what movie made us poop in our pants
like hell. Because we all love the slowly creeping creatures
which lustered after other people's life's, the blood, the screams...

What is your horror fav?
What makes you hide under your blanket?
Who are the best horror movie actors / actresses?

Let the Horror begin!


"Those who fear the dark do not know what the light can do to you."
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[Vongola Famiglia] Newcomer

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PostSubject: Re: Horror Movies - The Scary Stuff!   Tue Jul 05, 2011 2:09 am

Lambo report:
I'm a HUGE horror movie junkie. I will watch anything in the dark. I'm extremely dissapointed in slasher films so never say to my face that movies with homicidal manicas killing teenagers is scary. That be said though, I love zombie movies and games. Except one's where the zombies are smart. Then whats the point?
My top favorite horror movies/games/TV shows:
-The Paranormal Activities
-Marble Hornets
-AMC's The Walking Dead
-The Saw franchise (excluding the last one)
-Left 4 Dead Franchise
-Bioshock franchise

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Horror Movies - The Scary Stuff!
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