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 Azure Priato (WIP)

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PostSubject: Azure Priato (WIP)   Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:49 pm

Name: Azure Priato

Age: 21

Gender: Male


Personality: Azure is laid back. He learned at an early age that if he was nice to others in a manner that showed he was a quiet, easy going guy he would survive much longer. He likes to annoy others by using large words, especially when he is speaking to an idiot. He allows himself little pleasures, knowing that at a young age he would be hated due to the way he spoke to others, but he understood this enough. He was a vibrant child, and at the age he is now, he is much wiser, he can see through the eyes of a Man, not a boy. He was silent most of the time, shyness taking over him once it came to the ladies. Azure wanted to be loud and obnoxious once it came to his friends. The small pocket of friends he had acquired brings out the good in him, and he liked it. Azures personality is not just that of a man, but of a boy too.

Smart People Azure doesn’t have the time for idiots, this he had discovered at a young age due to children that ran rampant through the streets. He hated we he spoke to stupid people due to the lack of self-sustainable intelligence. He was also somewhat fond for these types of people, due to the fact that he himself was smarter than those that were in his classes.

Race: Human

Everyday Items you carry with you(Dying will Pills, a Gun, etc):

Affiliation:(Wandering Hitman? Or just a student, etc)

Skills:(Markmanship,Swordsmanship,Martial Arts, mechanics, etc)

Dying Will Flame(If you have one)

Dying Will Mode:

Hyper Dying Will Mode:


10 Year Later Form appearance(Optional):

10 Year Later Form Personality(Optional):

10 Year Later Form Skills(Optional):

History:(More then 4 Paragraphs Please.)

Box Weapon:(Please describe everything in at least 1 paragraph for each. That is if you have a Box weapon.)

Character's Skills in Combat(Advanced,Adept,Novice,Complete Noob):

Roleplay Sample:(Only needed for your first character, other then that its only needed for adoption purposes. 3 Paragraphs Minimum.)
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Azure Priato (WIP)
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