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 Kizuato Sicario, The Scarred Child

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Reborn OC's and other characters
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PostSubject: Kizuato Sicario, The Scarred Child    Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:21 pm

Sicario, Kizuato
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Name: Kizuato Sicario
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Personality: Kizu is a sneaky overly cunning teenager. He has the look of a young girl. Even though he looks like a girl he has the "organs" or "Parts" that match the male gender. The reason his looks are involved in the personality is because he takes advantage of his look of a small girl to his advantage having a cold view of the world thanks to the way he was treated when he was younger. He believes that he can do whatever he feels on his own whether it be killing or stealing from the candy store. Kizu thinks if any one gets in his way they have the right to die by his hand the very moment they step out to do so.

He can sometimes be an extremely evil child but only because he was not properly raised. He uses his girl like body to do perverted things to actual girls as he is himself a pervert nosebleeds and all. What he sees to be something beautiful or something that makes him rather excited is a target for his perversion. Though he can be a good and respectful boy around those who he gets along with he rarely shows his kinder side. Overall Kizu can be called a bad boy or bad girl for those who can't see his more obvious male traits.

He actually can be sweet and kind but he tends to be more to women then men. He has a bit of a bad idea of how the world works because of the way he was raised. He didn't really decide he wanted to be bad but it happened as a way for him to survive the cold world around him.
Race: Human
Everyday Items you carry with you(Dying will Pills, a Gun, etc): A Gun, Several Clips of Ammo for the before mentioned gun, a knife, his lighting ring, and a some grenades.
Affiliation: Freelancer or Hit-Man for hire
Skills: Marksmanship, Martial arts, A bit of swordsmanship, Acrobatics, cosplay or covert operations, Singing(you'll understand once you read history), and Technology preferably hacking into systems.
Dying Will Flame: Lighting or Thunder
Dying Will Mode: Yes, But it is unknown to him
Hyper Dying Will Mode: No
Alias(Nickname): Scarred Child
10 Year Later Form appearance(Optional):
10 Year Later Form Personality(Optional): Adult Kizu is a masterful Hit-Man in 10 year later form. He is perverted to a extreme with the very smell of a woman turning him into a sly lady killer. Not much changes but he is more trusting in this state.
10 Year Later Form Skills(Optional): All his previous skills but they are mastered to a extreme.
The snow covered ground on the day of his birth only makes him that much more mysterious. He was born to two loving parents who died the same day he was born when the mafia took control of the hospital where he was given birth to. They killed his parents and took the crying child with them to be educated and raised in the way of the mafia. From the ground up he was said to be one of the greatest geniuses the mafia world would have ever seen till "That" day. He was trained in martial arts but his girl like appearance made the teachers go easy on him leading to their deaths. At age 5 after being taught to a near college level and being made into a killing machine "That" happened. It was a massacre the day he escaped from the mafia family who raised him. They say it rained blood on his day of birth as snow covered the body that lay outside a forsaken Mansion.

For three years a famiglia searched for some one who had escaped their grasp with the cruel killing of a huge number of their men, And for three years he grew stronger as he stole plotted and tricked his way into more and more money. At one point in the three years he even became a child pop star in Japan for the money only to disappear a few months later to hide his presence. The boy walked alone for the last few days of a chilling year there were only 2 or 3 weeks before his birthday that he didn't even know he had. They came after him once they found him only to have blood spill over fresh snow. Not the blood of the young Mafia raised child either, but the blood of the ones who wanted him dead. The only thing the child wanted was to live in peace, yet a child who can't tell right from wrong will never be able to live in peace.

His name was given to him by one of the dieing Mafia men. They called him Kizuato Japanese for scar and Sicario Italian for killer, hit-man, and hired killer. His name was exactly what he would be he accepted the name mostly because he never had one. He only ever had a name when he was in disguise and they were almost always a girl's name. Strong as he was he learned many secrets of the mafia world. He understood the flames that came from rings when one had "resolve" or "irritation" to power it. He had a great interest in these flames and wanted to learn more about them, but he would not learn the secrets of these flames just yet in time maybe.

It was on the day he was born the faithful day when he became a Hit-Man for hire. As he walked a snow covered path a rich and powerful Mafioso hired him to kill the very family that raised him. From the very top to the lowest part of the bottom, so it had begun his way of making a living that is. No matter what the contract might have been he took it knowing he needed to have the pay to survive. Kizuato had many other ways to survive but this one paid the most and kept him okay longest when it came down to food and clothing. Frequently having to dress like a girl for assassinations he quickly fell in love with women and the idea of having them all to himself. He loved bras, panties and anything else that had to do with girls or women. He became a bit more dangerous because of this when it came to killing women for his assassinations. Using perverse methods he would dress up as a young girl and shower with the woman, of course it was already to late for the target by the time they saw what was dangling between his legs. The would be choked to death with bars of soap or be poisoned with shampoos.

The boss of the family that raised him that he had killed off with the entire family had had a ring. It was a ring modeled after the steam-punk style. It was a lighting type ring with its strange design that seemed to conduct electricity. The ring was the only thing he took from what remained of the family that raised him. The family he wiped off the face of the earth. Kizu trained hard trying to understand how the rings worked better. He was indeed some one who had lighting waves in his body though. It became obvious when he was able to light the rings flame as he worked harder and harder to understand the flame itself. When his training with the ring was over for the time being he went back to his crimes for survival and perverse raping.

It continued on like this for quite some time as he had just reached the age 9 and with each coming year his attraction grew more uncontrollable. Which actually seemed normal for a young man just not of his age to accelerate to such a level of perversion. His abilities which far surpassed even some of the best Hit-man were put to the test in this way as he was to fight another Hit-Man in a one on one Death-match. She was age 14 and heartless ready to kill Kizu at anytime, But he with his masterful perversion raped her when he was not even at a age to produce the necessary cells for reproduction. The underground world that all the Famiglias lived in was amazed at the young man's ability and his sick perverted ways of killing.

Year 10 of his life that had probably all just added to the scars that started at birth as he walked alone in a dark cold world. Making his way across a busy street he was nearly hit by a car when some one saved him a old man that looked like he'd die any day now. This experience taught Kizu something about caring about others which wouldn't come into play for another year or two of his life. He cried as he watched the old man breath his last breaths, he had never cried in his life before besides his times as a infant, but now was different. Now some one had done something amazing saving some one who might not of deserved to be saved.

A few months before he turned eleven Kizu had found a box containing a box animal. This Box animal was that of a cat one that seemed more like a pet then something to fight with. He treated the cat as and pet and spent most of his time with it when he could. The cat was named Midori Neko or Green Cat in English because of his color. Midori grew stronger as Kizu did they grew stronger together to say the least. With his owners flame growing more fierce as time passed it became more and more pure and controlled. A powerful flame was born with time as all things came with time.

Making his way to age eleven he began to hack into systems and break into banks for money still innocent still young but being raised in a way were right and wrong have not yet even been taught to him leaves him little choice. Running down the streets of Japan with police chasing after him he had learned his first lesson in right and wrong when he was caught for stealing from a store. Giving off screams of not doing anything wrong the police educated the young boy in the way the world worked on how what he did was wrong and not to do it again even though they went a bit easy on him believing he was a young girl. This idea that stealing was wrong shocked the boy raised to kill with out a care in the world in fact it was something he never imagined in his 6 years away from the ones who raised him. From that day onward he tried to live a better life with a greater understanding of right in wrong though it helped him slightly he still failed to fully understand right and wrong continuing to commit crimes.

When he had turned 12 he had made friends with a young girl at a local middle school she was kind to him and knew he was a boy despite his appearance. She helped to calm down his perversion even though it didn't change the fact he was still a dangerous child. As he spent more time with the girl it seemed they got along better then any one in the school the girl went to did with her. In fact she was killed by a group of girls from the school a few months after Kizu got to know her. It was thanks to this that he slaughtered off most of the girls from that school so that he could find his friend's killer or killers. It didn't take long when he found his first friend's killers raping them all with his now developed cells and letting them live with the horror of what had happened telling them that if they ever did anything like that again he'd rape and kill them.

On his Thirteenth birthday he had gone through many troubling times before reaching the day unknown to him. He knew right from wrong much better now but because of the way he was forced to live thanks to the way he was raised and the fact that he lived alone with no one to really care for him or nurture him. Slowly pacing down a snow covered path only for time to pass. He had discovered his ability to use the dying will flame a few years before but it was of little importance, having learned of there power maybe three or four years before.
Box Weapon:

Character's Skills in Combat(Advanced,Adept,Novice,Complete Noob): Advanced
Roleplay Sample:(Only needed for your first character, other then that its only needed for adoption purposes. 3 Paragraphs Minimum.)

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Reborn OC's and other characters
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PostSubject: Re: Kizuato Sicario, The Scarred Child    Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:00 pm



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Kizuato Sicario, The Scarred Child
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