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 Reception Hall

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[Millefore Boss]: The Two-Faced Killer

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PostSubject: Reception Hall   Fri Jul 08, 2011 4:20 pm

Warning! Don't enter this room if you don't have Hibari's permission! Only Disciplinary Committee Members allowed!

Welcome to the Chairman's Room, the place where Kyoya Hibari conducts his business as the Chairman of the Nanimori Middle Disciplinary Committee! Don't try to come here on your own, or the Chairman himself will bite you to death!

The room has several features, including:

Several leather couches for members of the Disciplinary Committee to recline in...and maybe some guests could take comfort in them as well.


Potted plants for an exotic effect...Hibari expects them watered frequently.


Cameras to record the contents at the room at all times. If anyone enters the room when Hibari doesn't want them too, they can expect to be bitten to death.


A television to play back footage of the security cameras...though it COULD be used to watch television shows...when Hibari isn't looking. But he always is.


A large table that has enough seats to entertain the entirety of the Disciplinary can be used for many purposes, from meeting to eating.


A refrigerator that has food for the Disciplinary Committee...if they really need it.


Though Hibari hates to admit it, regular forum rules apply here.
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Reception Hall
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