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 Kiritsu Kaki, The Disciplined Flower. (WIP)

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Reborn OC's and other characters
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PostSubject: Kiritsu Kaki, The Disciplined Flower. (WIP)   Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:42 pm

Kiritsu Kaki

Name: Kaki Kiritsu
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Race: Human of course or are you asking for her ethnicity? If so Japanese.
Everyday Items you carry with you(Dying will Pills, a Gun, etc):
Affiliation: Disciplinary Committee, Student
Skills: Martial Arts, Acrobatics, And Swordsmanship
Dying Will Flame: Cloud
Dying Will Mode: Mastered
Hyper Dying Will Mode: Mastered
Alias(Nickname): Disciplined Flower
10 Year Later Form appearance(Optional): She looks the same only more lady like and curved.
10 Year Later Form Personality(Optional): Her personality is the same as she doesn't change much at all.
10 Year Later Form Skills(Optional): All her previously before mentioned skilled, But Mastered
Birth ~ Age 3
Born to a father and mother who were both overly strong and athletic they expected extraordinary things from her from a young age. They pushed the small child not even a year in age so far as to walk with in the first three months since her birth. They wanted her to be strong, not only strong but to be the strongest there was. They gave her healthy foods and made her train in the only way a child her age could walking around gaining stamina. She was still a small fragile girl so expecting so much of her was strange yet they continued to push her to do better. At age 1 they started training her in acrobatics jumping through hoops, bending and a mess of other things that made no sense to the small child. A few months after her first birthday she was not only being taught how to speak but could speak as the eager parents wanted so badly. Pushed and pushed for months being able to do handstands, things a child of one wouldn't be able to do normally. With time passing her parents who wanted so much from her prepared to celebrate her second birthday. Which would be come to be known as the day her mother died in the arms of her father after a car accident when they had left to get the cake. The only survivors being her and her father. A year of a man mourning the death of the woman he loved led to a year of training time wasted. A young girl sitting around doing nothing sometimes starving with out food with her father crying himself to sleep with out his wife.

Box Weapon: None
Character's Skills in Combat(Advanced,Adept,Novice,Complete Noob): Advanced
Roleplay Sample:(Only needed for your first character, other then that its only needed for adoption purposes. 3 Paragraphs Minimum.)

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Kiritsu Kaki, The Disciplined Flower. (WIP)
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