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 Millefiore Formation

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[Millefore Boss]: The Two-Faced Killer
[Millefore Boss]: The Two-Faced Killer

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PostSubject: Millefiore Formation   Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:19 pm

In this thread, the rankings of all members are given, from the lowest level of fighters to the boss. Check your rank here!


Master Class ONLY

Boss: KoutaSato

Right-Hand Man:

Third in Command:


Adept Class and Above

Advanced Hitmen:

Skilled Hitmen:


Moderate Class and Above



Beginner Class and Above



Guardian of Sky: KoutaSato

Guardian of Sun:

Guardian of Storm:

Guardian of Lightning:

Guardian of Rain:

Guardian of Cloud:

Guardian of Mist:

Black Spell:

Captain of 1st Squad:

Captain of 2nd Squad:

Black Spell Members

White Spell:

Captain of 3rd Squad:

Captain of 4th Squad:

White Spell Members:

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Millefiore Formation
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