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 Gerarchia di Amici

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Cavallone Boss

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PostSubject: Gerarchia di Amici   Sat Jul 09, 2011 4:05 pm

For all our new friends, a pleasure to have you, for our old hands, welcome back home. Chiavarone Famiglia takes pride in treating each of our members like a friend, even between the differences in rank, we dont consider ourselves superior to others. In here I put in a brief description of the ranks of our Family:


Hardly any need to explain, the leader of the Family, he tends to the family affairs and handles applications and to a certain extent the threads in the Family.

Ring Assigned: A+ Ring, a high-level stone fitted in a steel ring with a horse-themed decoration. The ring itself wont shatter while using box weapons however it cannot nearly rival the power of the Vongola and Mare rings. Hell ring if approved by administrators.

Box Weapons Allowed: The maximum amount of 5 box-weapons.


The second in command of the Family. He deals with the family affairs while the boss is unavailable and as a secondary duty he helps new members into the family if the member requested him to.

Ring Assigned: A-Rank Ring, a mark of trust placed by the boss on this person, this ring is capable of opening up to 4 box weapons in a single fight before shattering. Hell Ring if approved by administrators. In case of multiple flames can choose to have a B-rank ring of another flame.

Box Weapons Allowed: Up to 5 if approved by the boss.

B-rank Member

These members are the elite of the Cavallone Force, theyre those people that have gained the trust of the boss and right-hand to be trusted into their high positions.

Rings Assigned: B-rank Ring, capable of opening up to 2 box weapons in a fight without shattering albeit a third one will break it instantly. Hell ring if approved by administrators. In case of multiple flames can choose to have a C-rank ring of another flame.

Box Weapons allowed: Up to 3 if approved by boss.

C-rank Member

Rings Assigned: C-rank Ring, capable of opening one box weapon in a fight without shattering. Opening a second one will result in the ring immediately breaking.

Box Weapons Allowed: Up to 2 if approved by boss

D-rank Members:

Rings Assigned: D-rank Ring, it isnt able to open any box weapon, however its possible to still coat weapons in flames and such for battle purposes.

Box Weapons Allowed:None

Common Mafia Members

The newest members to the family, in case they need help I expect every member to be kind to them and aid them in whatever they need. Also in case of any doubt consult me or the right-hand.

Rings Assigned: None

Box Weapons Allowed: None.

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Gerarchia di Amici
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