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 Naruto vs Bleach

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PostSubject: Naruto vs Bleach   Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:30 pm

Join us at Naruto Vs Bleach

Join Us Toady At Naruto Vs Bleach

We take Naruto and Bleach to the next level. We take Naruto to the world into colliding the past with the Furture. We have created three of the old villages and created new cities. We had also made the naruto world the world of the living and created a clash between Soul Reapers and Ninjas. We have a friendly atmosphere.Our staff is great. We have many open ranks and we will hope you join us at Naruto Vs Bleach.

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Read about our plots

The Bleach vs Naruto Story Line (Our Main Plot)

The Start of it all.

The Espada released Menos Grande to plague on the hidden and the leaf village. This creature was not like the bijuu,it was far worse. The Hokage dispatched a team of his best anbu. The squad of four went to bring down the monster.A hidden figures stood in the background disguised as a soul reapers, six of the Espada lunched a ferrous ambushed on the poor anbu squad. The anbu was over powered by the Espada. Three of them was slaughtered one lived to tell the tell. He told the Hokage what had happen and how they was out numbered. He also spoke on how these was not shinobi's but they came from the sky.The Hokage furious about what happen had dispatched a second team of Shinobi this was a six man squad. Mean while the Espada disappered as they since the on coming of an single soul reaper. The Soul reaper disperesed of the Menos Grande quickly. He soon found him self surround by angry shinobi. The shinobis laid waste to the soul reaper killing him. This now created tesion between the Soul reapers and the leaf village.

The Kages Meet.

The Hokage soon called a meeting with the other kages of the world. He discussed what type of monster they faced and told them tigether they should join forces to put an end to these monsters. The Otokage laughed at the thought of white masked creatures coming from the sky. It was all a joke to him. The Amakage soon stop his laughter when he told him he too faced one of the creatures.One thing was certain their was a new evil to be faced it.

Esapada and The Akatsuki alliance

The Esapada soon meet with the akatsuki. They told them their plan was in action putting the village in war with the Soul Society. Now it was men dead on both side and now the two would collide. Their agreements was simple The Akatsuki would take over the world while the Esapada will take over the Soul society. All they had to do was now launch the first Bijuu attack in the Soul Society.The Soul Reapers would not know what they was fighting. The Esapada then told the Akatsuki about a time portal created by The forth Hokage and Madara Uchiha clashing so great it ripped open a time portal allowing them to travel to the furture to hide them self. This gave them a door way to a new world and time to take over.

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Naruto vs Bleach
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