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 Posting: Rules * READ OR BE EATEN*

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Hizuki Haruka
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The Feared one

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Reborn OC's and other characters
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PostSubject: Posting: Rules * READ OR BE EATEN*   Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:08 am


Welcome to reborn Requiem, Yes, Yes I know you're wanting to roleplay already, but calm down before I smack you. Take a look at these rules first, and then you can start posting, have a nice day.

1 ) Please do Not Godmode, or else I shall go Admin on your ass.

2) Show respect, cursing may be allowed here, but if you go too far....*Points up to #1*

3) For Spars, within a Family or elsewhere. For public where anyone can join the skirmish, please put [Public] Before the title of your thread and [Private] For 1 on 1, 2 on 2 only, etc.

4) For discussion posts the word minimum shall be 35, No less. If I see any less....*takes out rape face* I will show you a hell that not even the devil himself will be able to contain. You have been warned.

5) You are not allowed to roleplay until at least one character app is accepted, or until you adopt a canon character.

6) You are allowed a max of 5 Canon characters from Reborn, and a Max of 5 from Crossover, OC's are unlimited.

7) For Roleplay, I EXPECT! 1 paragraph minimum(5 sentences) Or else *Points above to #4* You will experience an even worse hell. So now, that thats out of the way.

Cool These roleplay rules will be used for each and every role play section, got it?

9) One Liners WILL be deleted by the Mods immediately.

10) As you all know, we are online. Even though this is only a forum, there is a certain needed
politely and friendly behavior towards others - No flaming, trolling, rude stuff... blabla.

11) Please use proper spelling and grammar. I would appreciate it if you check your work before you send it in. Otherwise, Co-Admin Kouta will not be afraid to exercise his power. P.S: "you're" doesn't have the same meaning as "your". I'm

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Posting: Rules * READ OR BE EATEN*
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