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 Application Template

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Hizuki Haruka
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The Feared one

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Reborn OC's and other characters
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PostSubject: Application Template   Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:48 pm

Quote :
Appearance:(Please use as much detail as possible, pictures are accepted)
Personality: (2 Paragraphs at least.)
Everyday Items you carry with you(Dying will Pills, a Gun, etc):
Affiliation:(Wandering Hitman? Or just a student, etc)
Skills:(Markmanship,Swordsmanship,Martial Arts, mechanics, etc)
Dying Will Flame(If you have one)
Dying Will Mode(Not to be used until Accepted):
Hyper Dying Will Mode(Not to be used until Accepted):
10 Year Later Form appearance(Optional):
10 Year Later Form Personality(Optional):
10 Year Later Form Skills(Optional):
History:(More then 4 Paragraphs Please.)
Box Weapon:(Please describe everything in at least 1 paragraph for each. That is if you have a Box weapon.)
Character's Skills in Combat(Advanced,Adept,Novice,Complete Noob)NOTE: You are not allowed to choose one until you are ranked.:
Roleplay Sample:(Only needed for your first character, other then that its only needed for adoption purposes. 3 Paragraphs Minimum.)

(Note: When you go to make a character, make sure your thread name is your characters name)
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Application Template
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