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 Luna Franscesca Izquierdo - Primera Espada

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PostSubject: Luna Franscesca Izquierdo - Primera Espada   Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:01 pm

Luna wrote:

: 467

Gender: female


Luna Franscesca Izquierdo is a rather short, young looking woman (18-20)
with the body height of only 1,69 m and a very slender, but voluptous
body built. She has bright emerald green eyes and very light skin, almost
white, which is explained by the lack of sun in her home place named Hueco
Mundo, as well as slightly pink lips. Luna has very long brunette hair which ends above her tighs. Her mask remnant is about her cheek level in form of a upper jaw bone. It ends shortly before her ears and is fitting her face perfectly. She normally wears a long white coat with a huge collar, a pair of white pants which are lovely decorated with a purple obi. She wears white
high heels in order to gain a little body height.

Luna is normally a rather neutral being. She is very silent and extremely
laid back, as well as pretty emotionless. She often seems to look bored
or not interested at all about the persons around her, but she does care
about her closer family and friends. If she is attacked or annoyed, she can
change her mood immediately: She tends to hurt her opponents with evil
comments and almost hurting deep sarcasm. Depending on mood, Luna
can be pretty random, as well as pretty serious.

In terms of fighting, Luna is normally a laid back person. She tends to toy
with her opponents to get through his or her pattern of attacks. She loves
to obeserve her opponents, and then, when the moment is correct, she
attacks and aims at her opponents weak points. In terms of fighting, her
only resolve is the loyality towards Hueco Mundo and its inhabitants. Luna
is also a very protective mother and protects her children and Hueco Mundos
safety with her own life. She is willing in to sacrifice herself for someone or
something higher.

Luna also lacks the ability to communicate properly. She seems shy and pretty
silent, but it is not because she is shy for real, but because she is afraid to say something
insulting or wrong. Luna fears to be rejected and hungers for attention and love.
That is why she always tries to get attention with rather strange actions, as well as giving
random presents and even more random sentences. She tries to start a conversation,
but normally fails at it.

Race: Arrancar

Affiliation: Neutral

Talents: Swordmanship, Reiatsu Control, Speed

Hobbies: Science, Drawing, Eating, Training, reading and writing poetry,
hanging out with friends.

Alias: "Mothy"

History:As a hollow, Luna doesnt know anything about her past as a human. She doesnt know where she originates from, nor why she was in existance. As she woke up as a hollow, she had only one thing in mind: eating those who got in her way, and killing those who attempted to take her own life. Luna was a usual Hollow who fought herself up the Hollow ranking – from the small Gillian Hollow to a Menos Grande. A Menos Grande is a merging of several hundreds of Hollows. These souls struggle withing the Menos Grande for the domination of mind.

After Luna finally had gained this said domination of mind, she was able to think and speak again. Adjucha level meaned a lot to her, since this was the first time she realized what and where she was. She didnt only exist. She was real. And as Adjucha, she spent her days in eating other Adjucha. After a while, she devoured a lot of souls and got so strong, that barely any pther Adjucha was able to mess with her – but one. This very hollow tried often to devour her, but they never managed to find a winner in their fights, and always stopped their fights due to fatigue and exhaustion. One day, she found her dead enemy on the ground of the Menos Forest. She had no idea what or whom had killed him, but she was determined to find this being – but she never had success. After a while, Luna managed to break her own mask on her face. The insectoid Moth Hollow with the dark eyes and hollow voice turned into an Arrancar. In the second of the mask breaking, she realized that she was something special – not all Hollows manage to break their masks and regain not only human consciousness, but also a human appreance. With her mask breaking came her power. She was able to train herself in Zanjutsu, in Reiatsu Control.

In her days as Arrancar, Luna spent her days with training and getting stronger. But sometimes, when she is running through the Menos Forest, she feels that feeling... that hint of... of Nostalgy. That hint of sadness inside her. And everytime she ran through the forest, she also looked out for the killer of her enemy. She was angry at this person. He or She took her opponent away. And somehow, she wants revenge. And until now, she runs through the Menos Forest, in search of this man or woman who took her opponent away from her.

Zanpaktou: Falena (Moth)

RP Sample:

"It is a very... lonesome day. So lonesome and dark, I feel like I already felt this way. But I know... Sure... heh, how could I forget it? I was lonely my whole life. How am I able to forget loneliness? I dont know myself. Forgetting is a sign of stupidity. But I want to be perfect. A perfect being. Am I already perfect? For some, maybe. For me, I am still far, far, far away from it – perfection." she said to herself as she stood in the desert of Hueco Mundo. The sand made funny noises under her feet, and somehow, she felt great. This desert... her home. Not only a dead wide place with trees who already died from the dry climate, not only a place of death and misery. It was a land of hope and joy to her, since this vast land was the reason she got what she is – one of the strongest beings in this land, feared by Shinigami, admired by fellow Arrancar. With a soft smile, she felt that she was right in being here, and she felt more and more that Hueco Mundo is her real home. She then closed her eyes and grabbed the hilt of her Zanpakutou with the Name Falena. Falena was a very beautiful blade - the Ito was purple, the Tsuba was butterfly shaped and the blade itself was pitch black. She then suddenly stepped forward, imagining an opponent. And even though this opponent was fictional, she could see it infront of her eyes : A huge hollow aiming to get her life. She even saw some details: A huge mask, fur, almost 3 meters in height, claws and blood on them. Blood... she could almost smell it. Her fantasy was creating an image infront od her imaginary eyes. This opponent doesnt exist. It was only in her imagination, a reason to fight, a reason to defend her life: A reason she made for herself to perfect her abilities to fight.She was stepping forward, her blade in both of her hands, and jumped up to fulfill a beautiful made diagonal slash, and as her feet touched the sand again, she forced her body into a full spin and then loosened the grip on her Znapakutou, and let only her right hand hold the blade. While spinning, she held the blade hardly, and did a spinning cut. She then bend backwards, her free hand held forward. A bullet made of pure reiatsu shot out of the hand - a Bala. After this, suddenly, she vanished in the vast sound of a sonido, showing off her full potential in terms of speed and agility – her body split up into several afterimages, and all of these afterimages were freely able to move, like clones. She was only one of the few who were able to perform a Gemelos Sonido, a high level technique which allows the user to create speed clones which are so realistic that they even showed the ability to bleed. These three newly created Lunas surrounded the fictional opponent and all of them were rushing towards the ficitonal opponent. They stretched their arms in a move of unison. They stood in a circle, the blades only touching each other with their tips. She could see her imaginary, non-existant opponent going down. Luna then stood in the desert again, her speed clones poofing away into nothingness.She was all alone, as always. Even though her imagination was easing her pain of loneliness in her heart – reality was not. Reality was killing her inside. Something awesome, this reality. Should she open her eyes? Just to take a small gaze? Finally, she opened her eyes, her real ones, her imaginary ones. She gazed into reality. 
"That was good. Good, but not perfect."

Link to a Bleach character app on a different site: Here
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Luna Franscesca Izquierdo - Primera Espada
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