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 Tsubaki Shōgidaoshi - lieutenant

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PostSubject: Tsubaki Shōgidaoshi - lieutenant   Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:43 pm

Name: Tsubaki Shōgidaoshi
Age: 524
Gender: female
Appearance: Tsubaki stands at about 5ft. tall. She has long, red hair, one brown eye and an entirely mechanical body. She wears a standard shihakushou.

Personality: Tsubaki has a strong dislike for those who disobey orders, or those who can't seem to find a reason to fight. Though Tsubaki started as a shinigami, she never strayed from her orders. If her captain gave her an order to kill, she followed that order without question. If her captain told her someone had to be captured, she'd track the person down and drag them before the captain, again without questioning orders. She prefers solitude to groups and is very careful about who she trusts. Because of the mechanical body she was given by the 12th Division, she tends to act and think more like a robot or machine rather than man, preferring precise calculations, or as close to precise as possible. She has to know exactly what's going on in a situation before making any moves. She devotes a lot of time to research and is often found on the computer rather than out practicing. Given that she has weapons built into her and is always trying to improve on them, she has no need to go out practicing such things as swordfighting, kidou or hakuda.

Having grown up in a noble household before entering the academy, Tsubaki is used to tradition and rules. Anything that strays from tradition is not only taboo but regarded as unecessary and ridiculous in her eyes. However, there are times when she will stray from this path, but it's only in dire situations. If someone she dearly loved was about to die or she was the only person that could save them, Tsubaki would bend, even break rules and traditions to make sure she could save them. Even though she's a cyborg, she still somewhat has a heart. She believes in showing the utmost respect to those in higher authority, and calling someone by something other than their title and / or last name is not proper.

Tsubaki is a very shy girl, and it takes a long time for her to warm up to anybody. Once she does get to know them, she will occasionally smile and say hello, but she tends to not be very sociable.

Race(Shinigami,Nekogami,Arrancar,Quincy etc): shinigami / cyborg
Affiliation: neutral, cold
Talents: mechanics, marksmanship
Hobbies: inventing weapons, research, taking long walks at night
Alias: none
History(Emphasis on the History. 3 paragraphs Minimum): Tsubaki was born to a noble family in the Soul Society. That being the case, they taught her proper etiquette and respect for authority, which is one reason for her love for the rules and tradition. Her father was a well respected man in the Soul Society and at one point, he was the captain commander. Later, he was promoted to the royal guard. Tsubaki's mother was also well respected in the Soul Society. She was very good at demon arts and therefore she was hand selected to join the Demon Arts Corps right out of the academy. Tsubaki had a lot to live up to. She was eager to learn the ways of Soul Reapers and practiced day and night with both her mom and dad. Finally, after months of training and hard work, she was finally old enough and was ready to enter to Soul Reaper Academy. While in the Soul Reaper Academy, she discovered she had a talent for research and marksmanship both with kidou and her zanpakutou. Her zanpakutou is a projectile type, which fires red energy at her opponent resembling the power of a cero. Her calculating nature allowed Tsubaki to become a fairly decent student at zanjutsu. Her weakest point was hakuda, but she was more than capable of holding her own in either area.

Receiving high marks all throughout school, Tsubaki graduated at the top of her class and entered the court guard squads within only three years. By the time she entered, her father and mother retired from their posts in the Royal Guard and Demon Arts Corps. Central 46 was still in charge and had received heavy backlash from several members within the court guard. Tsubaki seemed unaffected and went about her daily life following every command her superiors gave her. One night, something strange happened. Somehow, a hollow had entered into the central court and was threatening to destroy everything within the vacinity, including surrounding villages. Her own squad was ordered to deal with the matter and dispose of the hollow as quickly as possible. However, to their surprise, when her team arrived, there was more than one hollow all of menos-class. Being new to the squad, all the recruits were ordered to stay back. Deciding this was the safest thing to do, and not wanting to disobey her commander's direct order, Tsubaki stayed back and directed the others to do the same. The recruits watched in horror as their comrades were brutally slaughtered right in front of their eyes, one by one. The menos seemed way to powerful for any one of them to take on. Cries of fear and desperation could be heard echoing throughout the streets. Blood flowed like little rivers. It seemed hopeless. Not wanting to watch everyone in her squad die, Tsubaki ran out and using the skills she had obtained in the academy, she was able to successfully kill a few and send a few of them back to Hueco Mundo. However, in one of her battles with a menos, she had been severely wounded. She had limbs ripped to shreds and her insides were severely lacerated.

One of Tsubaki's elder comrades had seen what happened and rushed to her side. Seeing how badly she was hurt, the elder shinigami scooped her up and carried her to the 4th Division. She ordered all the rest to leave and await further instructions in the dormitories back at the division headquarters. Once the two girls made it to the 4th Division, the orderlies took Tsubaki and laid her on a bed in the nearest room. They quickly got to work on Tsubaki, but to everyone's shock and dismay, there was nothing they could do. Tsubaki would die unless they could find a way to get someone from the 12th Division to help. Maybe, just maybe, there was someone that could help, someone that was good with mechanics and robotics. They lucked out. The 12th Division captain at the time came to help, and upon seeing Tsubaki's condition, she immediately ran tests and such to determine what could be done. The woman shunpoed all the way back to the 12th Division technology department in the lab and got to work, building Tsubaki's body and weaponry. Having finished several hours later, the 12th Division captain returned and got to work practically rebuilding Tsubaki's body, careful to keep her reiatsu in tact. Once Tsubaki was finished, she thanked the woman and walked with the girl that had carried her in, back to their squad. Upon re-entering the barracks, gasps of horror could be heard and people immediately started questioning who this cyborg in front of them was and what had happened. Before too long though, things cooled down and Tsubaki got back into the swing of things. She researched all she could about menos and techniques for fighting hollows. She tested out her weapons and eventually upgraded them, and she's been making improvements since then. She continues to find ways to improve her weapons to become an effective fighter and dispatcher of hollows.
Zanpaktou: Hiiro no kasai (Scarlet fire)
RP Sample(3 Paragraphs Minimum, REQUIRED): At the hollow militia's outpost, somewhere in a forgotten section of Hueco Mundo, Cecilia, the skeleton cat hollow had received word from Lilith about the shinigami having difficulties getting fresh water to their garrison from the Soul Society. With the influx of members in the garrison, water would become a precious commodity, and thus, if someone could happen to wander over to the water basin to the north west of their Listening Post and poison what little water they had, such an act would be able to kill a whole lot of shinigami at once. A smirk came across Cecilia's face as headed towards the water basin, within the confines of Hueco Mundo. "Those pesky shinigami will get what they deserve. Finally, I shall have my revenge for them abandoning me!" Cecila trekked across the vast white desert and made her way to the northwest. Apparently, this water basin was northwest and past the Listening Post. Little-by-little, Cecilia made her way through the white expanse of sand to a location she couldn’t be sure of. She just knew there was a shinigami fortress, The Listening Post somewhere, and she needed to head northwest of there. It seemed not too many hollows were scurrying about at this current moment. There were a few small hollows and gillian scurrying about, but nothing too serious to worry about. It seemed the greater class hollows were either asleep or hiding out in caves somewhere. She licked her lips as she passed by the small, weak hollows crawling around and the gillian floating around. At least the hollow cat would have plenty to eat on the way. The only thing she had to worry about was the threat of being attacked by bigger, gillian class hollows, or some of the greater class hollows such as menos grande, adjuchas or vasto lorde leaping out from their hiding places and ripping her to pieces. The skeleton cat used her senses to scan the area in order to detect any danger. “You know, this is really annoying. I’m not equipped with much, so if I get attacked, I’m pretty much screwed.” She walked for what seemed like days before she finally reached something. It seemed as though the area was teeming with shinigami. She hadn’t even come across the Listening post yet, but there were shinigami out scouting the area for viable land to irrigate. They were still several miles from any post, but it seemed the information the vasto lorde, Lilith had given was correct. The shinigami were struggling with getting enough fresh water supply from the Soul Society, otherwise, the troops that were out now, wouldn’t have to look for areas within Hueco Mundo to build irrigation canals. “First things first, I need to take out these shinigami first and then, make my way to the basin. If they dig these canals, it’ll ruin our plans.” Using her own senses, the hollow cat could tell there were about ten or twelve shinigami. They seemed to be around 15th-9th or 8th Seat levels. With Cecilia’s current strength and reiatsu level, she was probably around a 15th – 12th Seat level, or she would be if she was a shinigami. With that in mind, these shinigami could perform mid-level kidou and may have one, possibly two zanpakutou abilities. They were probably mid-level skilled at hakuda and shunpo as well. That means she was roughly on par with these shinigami, which should make for an interesting fight. At any rate, she’d have to win. Losing was not an option.

“Man…I’ve got to think this through. Okay… I know I don’t have my mutacion yet, so if they draw their zanpakutou and start using it, I’ve got to find other ways to be creative. I have my bangales , hollow blast and poison claws. I can’t do much just yet. Hopefully, I’ll find something to use to my advantage.” Of course, if all the shinigami she faced used their zanpakutou, Cecilia knew she’d be at a severe disadvantage. She also knew that she couldn’t afford to waste too much reiatsu because she needed to have enough energy left to use her poison claws to poison the water basin. Upon observance, it seemed her enemies were spread out to a wide area. This would prove to be a really difficult task. With such low reiatsu levels as a small hollow, it was highly likely that some of the higher seats ranked 10th Seat and above would have an easier time sensing her presence. Luckily for Cecilia, she could use the surrounding sand dunes to her advantage. An evil smirk crept across her face. Being a small size could prove useful after all! Minerva got a good read of where all the dunes were in the immediate area within a certain radius. Most of the dunes were not just little mini dunes. These were of significant size and she could easily hide somewhere within them. Knowing how her own hollow blast worked, Cecilia would be able to use it to draw the shinigami away at least or hit some of the shinigami from a distance. She could also use her bangales to draw their attention away. At least, this was the plan… Of course, when she got away from these shinigami, it was highly likely there would be shinigami guarding the basin. The energy wasted here could be costly. “These pesky shinigami are like rats. I don’t like this at all.”

One dune was directly behind her, so she ran as fast as she could, careful to not be detected by the shinigami. Once she was right in front of the dune, she jumped into it, landing somewhere inside it. “Use your hollow blast sparingly. It uses ten percent of your reiatsu. If you can, use your bangales first.” Cecilia was glad to be hidden and relieved to see nobody had realized she was there. However, one of the 8th Seated officers thought he could sense a small presence. He wasn’t quite sure if this was a hollow, but he figured that sense they were out in the middle of Hueco Mundo, it was highly likely, this was indeed a hollow. Cecilia cursed under her breath as she heard the man’s footsteps coming closer. She hadn’t planned on using her attacks just yet, but it appeared she didn’t have a choice. As the shinigami closed in on the dune, he raised his right hand and unsheathed his zanpakutou which had been inside the sheath strapped to his left side. He held the sword directly in front of him, even with his chest, horizontal. He called out, “Submerge, Heaven’s Rain.” Apparently, this was the release for his zanpakutou. Though Cecilia was unable to see it, the man’s zanpakutou changed its form from a katana with a dark blue handle to a nickel plated trident. He pointed it downwards as if about to throw it down into the earth, but held it steadfast. As he held it, clouds formed in the sky and rain drops started falling, slowly at first, but then they sped up and started coming down more, and it rained harder. It appeared the man was hoping to wash away the dune that was hiding the small hollow cat and make it even more difficult for her to hide by washing away the other dunes. Cecilia cursed even more under her breath. This was totally unfair! Knowing she wouldn’t be able to hide long, she immediately fired a bangales in a random direction, amber light shooting from her claws on her right paw. Then, to attempt to get away from the man, she started running as fast as she could, hoping the rain would hinder his vision as well. To enhance her vision, she used her los ojos de la noche, which increased her visual perception six times the normal amount.

Link: Cecilia Ramos Crystal Clear BARPG
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Tsubaki Shōgidaoshi - lieutenant
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