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 The Golden Tower HQ

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PostSubject: The Golden Tower HQ   Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:38 pm

Ah, welcome to the Golden Tower. This is where members of the 2nd Division and their guests are free to hang out. I'd urge you to watch your step going up the stairs. You don't want to wind up a bloody mess. I do not like cleaning up after you.


- All Rules apply here, this means:
-> No Flaming
-> No Trolling
-> No Hentai (even if you want it - no ;D)

As you enter inside, you'll notice a grand room. Please note, if you break anything, I will make sure you replace it. Things in here are very old, and very valuable, so please be careful. Our stealth ops forces train tirelessly on the grounds of this grand palace. Please make yourself at home, but remember the rules. Any rule breakers will be dealt with accordingly. I do not tolerate such behavior. Other than that, I hope you and your guests enjoy your time here. There are many levels to explore. Beware though, Onmitsukidou members are known for their pranks. If you meet one, you might get dragged off to the Maggot's Nest and left there for days. You can't say I didn't warn you...

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The Golden Tower HQ
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