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 ~Vongola Famiglia~ Sede Centrale

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Vongola BOSS! {Guardian of Sky}
Vongola BOSS! {Guardian of Sky}

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Reborn OC's and other characters
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PostSubject: ~Vongola Famiglia~ Sede Centrale   Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:25 pm

On the outskirts of Venice, Italia, you will find the Vongola's newly built Sede Centrale, a base of sorts for all members of Vongola to make plans, chill out, or have fun! A dark wooden oak sign greets you as you enter...

Quote :
Bonjourno! Benvenuti Sede Centrale!
**Per il bene dei nostri ospiti, si prega di astenersi dall'uso di dinamite. Grazie.**

Hello there! Welcome to the Central Headquarters!
**For the sake of our guests, please refrain from the use of dynamite. Thank you.**

If you walk another mile and manage to get through security, you'll find yourself at the front entrance. Welcome!

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~No flaming
~No trolling (I mean it!)
~And most important of all, ALL posts must be in RP format! No chat-type posts allowed.
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~Vongola Famiglia~ Sede Centrale
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