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What are you waiting for? A world of adventure awaits you!
Reborn Requiem
What are you waiting for? A world of adventure awaits you!
Reborn Requiem
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 Neptune [WiP]

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PostSubject: Neptune [WiP]   Neptune [WiP] I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 29, 2011 10:36 pm

Name: Neptune
Age: 15
Gender: Female


Neptune has the generic teenage girl's appearance; she's not as busty as young ladies just going into their adulthood and carries a curvaceous look. Her hair is bright as an emerald jewel which is amplified by the looks she has with her dark natural green eyes. Her outfit is consisted of many different styles on the street often including short-cut mini-skirts, spaghetti shirts, turtlenecks and etc. Her outfit just constantly changes during the summer and between periods of time which she wants to.


Neptune has a very childish personality which causes her to smile a lot, sometimes a bit too much. Now, not childish as in she puts like a fake snake in a toilet and scares whoever is next to use the toilet. Childish as in the way she likes to laugh and smile at; even in a dangerous situation, she can be seen smiling a lot until she realizes it's a life-or-death sort of thing.

She's very calm and collected sometimes, not even wanting to be talking in danger. Neptune cares for the people that she trusts and is even willing to take action to save lives for enemies as well. She does have an aggressive side to this although it's highly rare and barely anybody in this world has seen it except for her father whom is now dead. For some reason, she always likes to blame herself when her friends are in trouble often disabling her mental capabilities to think right because the clouded judgements of blaming herself; something along the lines of now being able to protect them. She's very loyal to superiors noticed by calling them by a honorific.

When she swears to do something, she'll do it. Also, for comic reliefs, she will get ticked off and randomly destroys objects around her which will be activates by things-that-piss-her-off shit. She also happens to worship and want to go through Gokudera's path of becoming the right-hand man. In Neptune's case, a right-hand woman. UNLIKE Gokudera though, she doesn't smoke to light the dynamites.

Race: Human (3/4 Italian, 1/4 Japanese)
Everyday Items you carry with you(Dying will Pills, a Gun, etc):
  • Unlimited Dynamites (like Gokudera)

Affiliation: Vongola
Skills: Marksmanship, Martial-Arts, Singing, Dancing, Artistic Subjects
Dying Will Flame(If you have one): Storm (main), Thunder/Lightning (sub)
Dying Will Mode(Not to be used until Accepted):
Hyper Dying Will Mode(Not to be used until Accepted):
Alias(Nickname): "Catastrophic Cataclysmic Neptune"
10 Year Later Form appearance(Optional):


10 Year Later Form Personality(Optional):

Her personality has no hint of any exaggeration or immaturity in it. Instead, she will be one of the most calm people you will meet. No matter how bad you debate with her, she will finish it off with a simple silence that will get people most likely irritated. The reason is unknown as Neptune herself (the past form) doesn't know how in the world could that possibly happen.

Instead, she will be often reading in her casual time unless there's a large battle which she will get serious about and bring out the big guns slowly as the time passes just to form up a strategy within her mind off the bat. In conclusion, she's a chill, collected, calm, serious, bookworm-type adult you will meet.

10 Year Later Form Skills(Optional): Marksmanship, Martial-Arts, Mechanic, Art
History:(More then 4 Paragraphs Please.)
Box Weapon:

Flame Arrow:
[Offensive Weapon]

It is a cannon strapped to the user's left arm with a skull's face over the hand and a barrel aimed out of the skull's mouth. Another skull mounted on the rear end of the cannon allows ammo to be inserted, which can be real bullets or even dynamite. Neptune was able to obtain this with the research notes that Gokudera went through - simply wanting to get inherited with his fighting style.
  • Lightning Bullets: Creates an attack known as Flame Thunder: A solid beam due to the Lightning Flame's Solidification characteristic
  • Cloud Bullets: The cannon fires one shot that spreads in a tree branch-like fashion due to the Cloud Flame's Propagation ability, creating a widespread blast that is difficult to avoid.
  • Sun Bullets: The Sun Flame's Activation and high power output increases the speed of the Storm Bullets, creating an attack with incredible acceleration.
  • Rain Bullets: By coating the Storm beams with Rain Flames, enemy Flames are weakened, allowing the beams to penetrate the enemy's defenses.

Sistema C.A.I. (Instantaneous Armament Change System)

It's a set of 16 Box Weapons that can combine and quickly interchange between each other. The set is composed by 4 Storm-attribute Boxes, 2 Lightning-attribute Boxes, 4 Rain-attribute Boxes, 2 Sun-attribute Boxes and 4 Cloud-attribute Boxes. When going into battle, Neptune would attach these around her legs.

  • Components:

    Contact Display: Contact lenses made with similar technology than those Tsuna uses with his X-Burner. They provide visual information that help Gokudera accurately aim at the enemy while taking into account environmental conditions such as wind, gravity and magnetic fields.

    Neptune's Skull Rings: these skull-shaped Rings are core components of the Sistema C.A.I., they belong to the Rain, Lightning, Cloud and Sun attributes.

  • Storm Boxes:

    Bone Loops: Multiple circles composed by small bone-like parts that expand themselves and float around once charged with Dying Will Flames. The space between the loops is filled with a screen of Storm Flames. They mainly serve as shields, but can also be used to immobilize enemies by surrounding them like a prison. They can also be simultaneously charged with Flames of other attributes for compound effects, such as having an extra layer of Rain Flames partially neutralize attacks with their Tranquility factor.

    Storm Disc: A disc of Flames that Neptune rides on top of like Gokudera has. It uses Flame's propulsion to provide high-speed movement. It can hover above the ground, but actual flight is impossible.

    Kin: This is the only animal box that Neptune seems to possess. It is a baby saber that has been known to be extinct in the universe millenias ago. And, it seems as if this animal is the only saber that is in existence. It carries the Storm Flames around it's soft mane in a soft manner. If given with more Storm Flames, it will grow into a large saber immediately with its mane literally overflowing and bigger than its head. It has two long sabre teeth spawning out of the upper jaw.

  • Rain Boxes:

    Rain Tube: One of the Sistema C.A.I.'s special ammunition for the Flame Arrow, it provides a coating of Rain Flames around the bursts of Storm Flames usually shot by the weapon. The Tranquility effect of the Rain Flames weakens enemy defenses, allowing the Storm Flames to breakthrough with its Disintegration factor.

  • Sun Boxes:

    Sun Cartridge: One of the Sistema C.A.I.'s special ammunition for the Flame Arrow, it comes in a form similar to a machinegun's ammunition belt. It fires several solid projectiles covered with Sun and Storm Flames in quick succession. The Activation of the Sun Flames give the projectiles an irregular acceleration that confuses the enemy.

  • Cloud Boxes:

    Cloud Tube: One of the Sistema C.A.I.'s special ammunition for the Flame Arrow, it fires a beam of Storm and Cloud Flames that divides itself in a "tree diagram"-like fashion due to the Cloud's Propagation factor, thus creating a widespread attack that is difficult to avoid.

  • Lightning Boxes:

    Lightning Tube: One of the Sistema C.A.I.'s special ammunition for the Flame Arrow, it differs from the other Black Tubes with its more oval shape and four appendages similar to spider's legs. It fires a beam of Storm and Lightning Flames which is strengthened by the Solidification factor of the Lightning. Gokudera named this attack "Flame Thunder" and considers it the strongest available in the Sistema C.A.I.

Character's Skills in Combat(Advanced,Adept,Novice,Complete Noob)NOTE: You are not allowed to choose one until you are ranked.:
Roleplay Sample:(Only needed for your first character, other then that its only needed for adoption purposes. 3 Paragraphs Minimum.)

(Note: When you go to make a character, make sure your thread name is your characters name)
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Neptune [WiP]
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