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 Albion Vangard - Segunda Espada

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PostSubject: Albion Vangard - Segunda Espada   Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:56 am

Credit to the picture goes to the artist.

Age: 345

Gender: Male

Albion is a slender, tall man. He has long purple hair with navy blue highlights and pale skin.
Part of his hollow remnant covers his eyes, which makes them appear black, void.
The rest of his arrancar remnants cover his neck, and lower jaw.
He wears a custom white arrancar top which almost reaches down on his heels, with a long-sleeved coat on top.
He wears the normal arrancar hakama, matched with a pair of golden iron boots.


Albion is a calm, quiet, neutral and serious individual who doesnt really react to anything unless he thinks it's worth the time and effort.
He is friendly towards his allies, and keeps a neutral stance towards people he doesnt know.
He is a person who always tries his best to keep his cool under any situation. He never shows arrogance, even if he feels overconfident at times.
Albion is difficult to anger. He doesnt believe in honor, nor glory and therefore, doesnt preach it.

In terms of fighting, Albion approaches his opponents with caution, and a neutral demeanor.
He doesnt respond to mockery, and since he isnt prideful at all, he almost never gets provoked.
He always tries his best and goes all out in a fight, whether that is a friendly spar, or a fight to the death against an enemy.
Albion follows orders to the letter and will never hesitate to execute them under-almost- any circumstances.

Albion, in his attempt to keep his neutrality under any situation, might seem distant to others.
He doesnt get attached to people easily and avoids trusting people, even during situations teamwork and trust might be required.
Albion doesnt hurt others on his own, not unless someone corners him to a point when violence is required in order to survive.
If there is one thing Albion believes is holy and respects the most, that is survival.

Race: Arrancar

Affiliation: Neutral, distant.

Talents: Swordmanship, Quick Reflexes, Ambidexterity, Adaptability.

Hobbies: Thinking, Trainning, Learning new things in every way possible.

Alias: None.

Vacio (Void)

Albion lead a very sad life when he was alive. He was abused throughout his life by his parents, his "friends", by everyone he knew.
One day, he woke up and decided he couldnt live like that anymore, he decided to do something for himself, to enjoy himself, to feel alive and happy.
He packed his things, quit his miserable job as an office clerk, told his parents and his relatives off and got on a plane to a foreign country.
He wanted to leave everything and everyone who dragged him down, behind. He was afraid, but he knew that was his only choice.
Life however, wouldnt let his sadness rest. Wherever he'd go, people would treat him the same, he felt like a stranger, a person everyone would push aside.
Albion didnt give up, he didnt want to give up. He kept traveling around the world, looking for a special place and a special someone to give meaning to his life.

Albion traveled a lot, traveling around places had almost become everyday life for him, he was used to it, he never thought that something bad would happen.
Unfortunately for him, no place in the world seemed to be the right place. Saddened and dissapointed, he decided to head back home, and probably end his misery, himself.

Albion was flying back home when a storm broke out above the Atlantic ocean. The storm was very intense, and for the first time in his life, he had a very bad feeling about the situation he was in. It was the very first time he was so scared. He had gotten used to getting nervous whenever he traveled from place to place, but this uneasy feeling couldnt be supressed, it was powerful, and it was really scary.
Albion watched from the window as the storm became even more intense. Somehow he knew that he wouldnt live to see another day.
He was ready. He knew he had no place in this world and he finally realized it. It was as if nature was trying to fix its mistake.
Albion accepted the feeling which sent shivers down his spine. He looked up, and there it was, a notice from the captain, apologizing that he couldnt keep the bird in the air, both engines were damaged.

Albion clenched his fists together and closed his eyes, waiting for the plane to crash. The plane crashed on the sea, in the middle of the ocean.
Albion didnt feel a thing, his death was instant.
Suddenly, he woke up in Hueco Mundo. Albion was surprised. He felt alive again, although he had no idea what had happened.
He looked at himself, and realized he was a monster, a hollow,a corrupted soul which wandered the dark, barren desert of Hueco Mundo.
He adapted quickly, quicker than he expected. He was a peaceful and weak looking hollow, easy prey for the predators which he had to evade quite often.
This place didnt feel like home either, but this time, he knew what to expect. Hostility. Albion tried to befriend other hollows, and try to find food with their help but to no avail. The other hollows were hostile, greedy, and powerful. He knew he had to defend himself, so he became more aggressive.

Fortunately for him, he was very good at defending himself, being able to drive away most of his attackers, and even devour the unfortunate ones himself.
After devouring several of his attackers, he began realizing that his power was growing. After several years and many hollows being devoured, he became a Gillian, and then an Adjucha. He noticed he was very powerful, and his attackers became scarce. Everyone respected and feared his power.
Compared to most habitants of Hueco Mundo he had met, he was the most cunning by far. He knew there were more powerful beings than him, he knew that the fight for survival wasnt over yet.

His suspicions were confirmed. The more powerful hollows would prey on everyone, including him, and they were greedier and more hostile than ever before.
He kept fending off all the attackers by himself. Despite his power, he hadnt made any friends. Fortunately for him, the previous cycle worked to his advantage again. He began devouring the majority of his attackers, and one day, it happened. His mask broke and he regained part of his humanity. It was the happiest day of his life, he wasnt just another hollow anymore. He was an Arrancar.

RP Sample (Part of a fight against a monster during a mission of mine)

Eiji closed the door behind him the moment he walked down the first step which led to the underground basement. There was a strange, undescribable smell in the air.
This smells like death... Eiji thought after he stopped sniffing, trying to get used to the atmosphere. He turned around and looked at what seemed to be an endless stairway, reaching deep underground.
Well....time to see what's in store for me.... He thought and braced himself by taking a deep breath; and with that, he began walking down towards the darkness.

Eiji's steps echoed in the hall of the stairway, making an eerie noise that could signal enemies if it was in a different time and place.
Eiji shoved his hands in his pockets and kept moving down the stairway, always prepared to make an evasive maneuver if needed. He's the type to always be on guard after all.
Eiji's wrinkled eyebrows showed his concentration as he had focused his stare on what might be coming out of the darkness while he kept moving downstairs. that...? Eiji wondered when he started hearing loud noise and screams coming from far ahead. I better check it out....
Eiji quickly walked down the stairs, the loud getting more intense with every step he took. After a few seconds, he arrived at the entrance to the laboratory.

He slowly peeked around the wall as the noise sounded as if it's right next to him, and his eyes widened in surprise. What in the name of hollows is that...?
Eiji mumbled to himself when his gaze fell on the frankenstein hollow. It was composed of several different hollow bodyparts stitched together, it was a horrible sight.
He slowly shook his head in dissapointment as he took another peek around the wall, watching how the hollow smashed everything around it; its tenacity was remarkable.
This is crazy....even for our standards... Eiji mumbled to himself again and kept observing the hollow, thinking what he should do next.

Link to a Bleach character app on a different site:

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Albion Vangard - Segunda Espada
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