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 Tsurikushi Yunikura

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Reborn OC's and other characters
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PostSubject: Tsurikushi Yunikura   Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:00 pm


Name: Tsurikushi Yunikura
Gender: Male
Race: Priest/Vampire
Personality(As much detail as possible): Tsuri as he likes to be called, is usually a caring guy, who cares for his friends and family. He's highly intelligent and can figure out enemy strategies quite easily. Its' really hard to get him motivated as he usually just lazes around, content on relaxing. Despite this, he will come through when the time beckons. He is quite fond of fishing.

History(As much detail as possible): Tsuri grew up in the Northern Gensokyo, where it was always cold. He was one of the only rare Males in the whole world, so he had to fend for himself. His parents were both a human Priest and a Vampire, so He's half vampire, but is immune to the holy objects that he can use as a priest. He does still have the urge to drink blood time to time, but he got over this at a young age. Traveling the world, he got stronger in combat and aimed to become the best there was. He was also immune to sunlight, so he had that advantage, some would say he had all the strength of a vampire, but none of their weaknesses. He came across various enemies whom he defeated. His hardest bout was against Flandre Scarlet, she was a pureblood vampire and it was a hard battle. He gained the advantage when the sun came out however. He let her live, seeing as he didn't see a reason to kill her, and went on his way.

He continues his adventure to this day, awaiting the moment a strong opponent comes to face him.


Hair color: Dark Green
Hair Length: Spiky and semi-long.
Eye color: Red Irises and Purple Pupils.
Skin tone: Slightly tanned.
Body Build: Athletic.
Attire: A white long labcoat, along with a black undershirt and black pants. He wears red dress shoes. He also has Indigo sunglasses.
Skin features(Scars,Tattoo's etc): An X-shaped scar on his chest from his encounter with Flandre.
Accessories: A silver cross necklace around his neck and a silver bracelet.


Element: He uses Talismans as a Priest and Ice as a vampire.
Magic Spells(Optional):

~Holy Entrapment~

Tsuri summons his Talismans in a circle and has it blast a holy beam of light at his enemy. It is highly dangerous to users of Dark magic and demons altogether.

~Ice Shard~

The air grows cold and Tsuri summons a blizzard which makes the temperatures drop tremendously. This can make his enemies freeze to death, and it also allows him to move comfortably. It's easy to escape, one just needs to take him out before he summons it...if they can. Or just run away.

~Heat Resistance~

Despite being a Ice vampire, Tsuri has trained himself to be highly resistant to heat, allowing him to fight in much hotter environments then Ice users like Cirno.

Weapon: A broomstick, which holds a katana within it.
Close Combat or Long range?: Close Combat/Long Range
Strategist or Brawler?: Strategist.

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Tsurikushi Yunikura
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